Candlemas, the Feast of the Presentation

Today we celebrate that visit to the temple that the Holy Family made in fulfillment of the law of Moses. It is known also as 'Candlemas' because of the blessing of candles that takes place at the beginning of Mass.




  • Speak about Christ to one person each day this week. Whether to a family member, friend, or stranger, by phone, text, or in person, talk to someone about the Light of the Nations, our Lord Jesus Christ.

From the Catechism:

529 The presentation of Jesus in the temple shows him to be the firstborn Son who belongs to the Lord. With Simeon and Anna, all Israel awaits its encounter with the Saviour - the name given to this event in the Byzantine tradition. Jesus is recognized as the long-expected Messiah, the "light to the nations" and the "glory of Israel", but also "a sign that is spoken against". the sword of sorrow predicted for Mary announces Christ's perfect and unique oblation on the cross that will impart the salvation God had "prepared in the presence of all peoples".

This paragraph reminds us of what we heard in today's Gospel. No. 529 is one paragraph in this part of the Catechism which goes through the mysteries in the life of Christ. Nos. 422-682 go through Christ's life and offer us a convenient way to get more acquainted with Jesus Christ.

From St. Josemaria:


Turn your back on the deceiver who whispers in your ear: "Why complicate your life?"

Loving and following Christ means accepting complications and trials in life. As we begin to form this habit of studying the Catechism, let us remember why we begin this task and who all of our efforts are for: Jesus Christ, who suffered and died so that we might have light and life.