"Make a short examination of conscience at the end of the day before going to bed. Two or three minutes is enough."

The essence of the examination is a review of our day, either by starting at the beginning and recalling our actions throughout the day, or by asking ourselves a series of questions in order to measure our actions against them. After we develop this habit, it will easy for us to complete in a few minutes.

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From St. Francis de Sales:

As to the examination of conscience, which we all should make before going to bed, you know the rules:

1. Thank God for having preserved you through the day past.

2. Examine how you have conducted yourself through the day, in order to which recall where and with whom you have been, and what you have done.

3. If you have done anything good, offer thanks to God; if you have done amiss in thought, word, or deed, ask forgiveness of His Divine Majesty, resolving to confess the fault when opportunity offers, and to be diligent in doing better.

4. Then commend your body and soul, the Church, your relations and friends, to God. Ask that the Saints and Angels may keep watch over you, and with God’s Blessing go to the rest He has appointed for you.