Silence at the Offertory: We've Got Work to Do

This Lent at St. James, there will be silence during the Offertory. This is aid in reflective and active participation in this moment of Mass.


The Offertory Cheat Sheet

As a help to entering more reflectively and prayerfully into the Offertory, each Pew Missal also has an "Offertory Cheat Sheet," a sheet designed to provide two examples or methods of praying. One side offers questions for reflection on what we are offering to Christ from our past week. This method aims at calling all these things to mind and presenting them to God, 'placing' them on the altar, so to speak. The other side follows the rites of the Offertory, corresponding to the actions and prayers of the priest. This method offers prayers that are altered  for a conversation between you and Christ.

See an image of the sheet below, or download the pdf: